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Hairdresser Accessories MELCAP

    Beauty MINICOLOR

    Small beauty case for practical use.
    Dimensions: 225x165x165.
    Available in 8 different colours in one package.


    Folding bed with reclining, face hole, Rod holder, carrying case, white color.
    Length: 181 cm.
    Width: 61 cm.
    Height: 74 cm.
    Max weight capacity: 170 kg.
    Mattress thickness: 3.5 cm.

    Clipper GT2

    • High precision hair Clipper blades are resistant and long lasting, with adjustable head for multiple cutting lengths.
    • Power: 15 W.
    • Voltage: 110 ...

    Clipper TRIMMING

    Clipper Cordless professional and easy to use, allows 40 minutes of continuous use with a charging time of 12 hours, includes high-efficiency battery charger guide comb, led indicator and charging ...

    COMODITY Chair

    Comfortable seat with height adjustment, with leather upholstery. Design matched with SHAMPOO BASIN SKY.
    Height: from 93 to 106 cm ...

    Cot 3 S

    Reclining backrest and footrest aluminium solid couch, face hole, pillow, white, Rod holder.
    Length: 185 cm.
    Width: 62 cm.
    Height: 76 cm.
    Max supported weight: 200 kg.
    Mattress thick ...


    Provided by the activation sensor base plate is removable for a pedicure.
    With a comfortable rubber hand rail and a protective shield for your eyes.
    • Reflective Interior
    • Display and ...

    DELUXE Cart

    Accessories trolley with 4 shelves, side compartments, hair dryer and space underneath for storing different items. Measurements: 43 86x38x.
    Available in two different colours: black and grey.< ...

    PODIATRY Chair

    Chiropody armchair with fiberglass base.

    Shampoo Basin SKY

    Reclining back.
    • Hot/Cold Dispenser.
    • Save silicone edge.
    • Marble bathtub.
    • Height 100 cm.
    • Width 60 cm.
    • Depth 120 cm.

    Spring OVAL

    5 diopter Magnifier lamp from 5 inches, ideal for precision work.
    With protective cover for the lense, neon T5 22W with energy saving, power button, adjustable arm, stand and table stand include ...

    Sunbed ELEGANT

    Wooden solid couch with headrest and face hole white.
    • Length: 183 cm
    • Width: 70 cm
    • Height: 73 cm
    • Maximum weight capacity: 250 kg
    • Mattress Thickness: 8.5 cm
    • ...

    Wax Heater FLY

    Great for hair removal, with the ability to adjust the maximum temperature up to 95° with Pan and removable power cord.
    Voltage: AC 230V 50 HZ.
    Power: 100 w.
    Max temperature: 95°.

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